Gift Presentation Ceremony

Elite Linguistic Network Director Ms Claire Cong and Manager Mr Hendri Zhang introduced their new product – Youdao Dictionary Translation Pen and present a Full Display Set of Complementary Chinese English Bidirectional Youdao Dictionary Pen 3 to Association during the AGM.

UNION BOOK CO PTE LTD donated book titled 《Xi Jin Ping: The Governance of China III》《习近平谈治国理政第三卷》in both Chinese and English version to give away to members. The books were presented to Association by Managing Director Ms Margaret Ma.

Thank you to members who have sponsored the door gifts for our 2021 AGM and all the generous sponsors of various items in year 2020-2021.

  • Shopping bag: Stationery World (S) P. L.
  • Chinese Calendar: Maha Yuyi P. L.
  • XI JINPING Book: Maha Yuyi P. L. and Union Book Co P.L.
  • Set of ZEBRA Pen: Lion Stationery Co P.L.
  • Stickers: Menlon Agency P. L.
  • Pocket Notebook: A’zone Corporation P. L .
  • Mask: Paper Mark P.L.
  • Pocket Calculator: Aurora Int’l (S) P.L.
  • Stand hand sanitizer and thermometer: Biosystem Group Pte Ltd
  • Thermometer: Stationery World (S) P. L.
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