Asia Pacific Stationery Alliance

The Alliance is a non-governmental, non-profit and loosely-bound organisation consisting of stationery related associations in countries and regions of the Asia Pacific region.

The purpose of the Alliance is to:

  • strengthen the cooperation and exchanges between stationery enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region

  • promote the common development and prosperity of stationery industry in the region

  • integrate the industry advantages and raise the overall standard of stationery industry in the region


  1. The Alliance is a platform for cooperation, exchanges, resources sharing and communication among stationery associations in the Asia Pacific region.

  2. The Secretariat of the Alliance will be responsible for calling annual meetings of member associations to exchange work experience and discuss the concerns of stationery industry in an effort to promote the development of stationery industry in the Asia Pacific region.

  3. The Alliance will actively facilitate bilateral and multilateral cooperation among member associations, coordinate the liaison and dispute among them and receive delegations of visiting member association.

  4. Member associations of the Alliance will regularly exchange information on local stationery industry and provide service in respect of economic and technical cooperation, personnel training, product exhibition and information exchange among member associations.

  5. The Alliance will carry out activities relating to intellectual property right, technical cooperation, market exploitation and so on



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