1. All members will be invited to participate in any Oversea Business Missions (OBM) and Singapore stationery shows organized or supported by the SBASA. All members will enjoy special or subsidized member’s price. In the event of any IMAP-approved Grant Subsidy scheme for participation in Business Missions or Trade Shows, participating members will be charged the subsidized member’s rate in the IMAP administration charges and subsidies.

  2. All members will be given a free listing of the member’s company contacts and address in any official publications published by the SBASA as well as on the official website under “MEMBERS” counter.

  3. All members will be invited to any foreign or local trade shows supported by the SBASA or its sponsors. Participating members will be accorded with subsidized or complimentary hotel accommodations and travel privileges. However, these are subjected to the sponsors’ terms and conditions, in which members will have to comply in order to enjoy them.

  4. The SBASA organizes some social activities, like family outings, oversea tours, foreign factories visits, Annual Dinner & Dance, etc. as well as networking functions and events, and useful seminars and educational talks which members are encouraged to participate and to network among other members and specialized professional.

  5. The SBASA has very extensive contacts and network with many other trade associations, embassies, international enterprises, trade councils and local and oversea industry associations and clubs from all over the world, such as Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, etc. Our objective is to assist and support our members in establishing international contacts and networks for the growth of their businesses.
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